Aeolian Artists International Management, Inc. was founded by artist manager Ms. Catherine Sidoti. It was created envisioning to help support classically trained musicians and opera singers with the intention to develop prosperous careers in classical music. 
A native New Yorker residing in NYC, Ms. Catherine Sidoti has spent over 20 years in marketing, advertising, sales, classical music and opera. Her family ancestry originates from the Aeolian Island of Lipari, which is just north west of the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy. In Greco-Roman mythology,  Aeolus is the king of the winds and as we all know the aeolian mode in music comes from these Greco Roman concepts. 

Catherine began working for the esteemed Thea Dispeker Artist Management Company in New York alongside Larry Wasserman and Thea. Some of the famous artists she assisted managing included  Richard Leech, Hakan Hagegard and Richard Zeller, all of whom have had prosperous international careers and have appeared numerous times in leading roles at the Metropolitan Opera.

Ms. Sidoti has also a judged vocal competitions alongside Carmela Altamura and Maestro Coppola for the Altamura Caruso voice competitions where grants have been given to talented young singers. Catherine studied voice with Arturo Callegari and piano with Maria Russo, a colleague of pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli for more than eleven years and after some time, she knew that because of her passion for great classical music and opera and her strengths in business and marketing, she was well suited for a career in classical music artist management. 

The approach with her artists is a whole artist approach where she works with the artist to build on his or her career from the inside out; quite literally, she ís a career builder and advisor. Her liaisons are numerous New York coaches, conductors and singing teachers as well as staff at the Juilliard, Mannes, and Manhattan School of Music along with many opera, concert, oratorio and festival venues throughout the world where she has personally traveled to meet with venues to establish contacts for her artists. She is also a concert producer and the former artistic director of Renaissance Opera Theater where she was one of the first impresarios to create theme related concerts in New York. Ms. Sidoti has sold  millions of dollars and has a reputation for being able to manage with integrity for many years.


Catherine Sidoti
President  Artist Manager
Aeolian Artists International Management, Inc.